The N is for ‘Nationalist’ in brilliant satirical RNC website created by activists

Aug 26, 2020 | 0 comments

Are you tired of the looking glass-level of revisionism going on during the Republican National Convention? Does your head hurt thinking about the myriad fascistic transgressions White House officials are willing to openly practice? There’s a new website for the “RNC,” with a lot more honesty applied than what we are seeing in the general media landscape right now.

Bend the Arc, a Jewish activist group that fights against white nationalism, has created the perfect website for this week’s RNC. Head on over to the Republican Nationalist Convention 2020 website and learn more about the Grand Old Party, its members, and its mission. The splash front page of the site features an image of prominent Republican dirtbags like Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, and Paul Gosar, with the title: “Building a country just for us: We’ve always stood for white wealth and power. We just couldn’t say so out loud. But now? We’re ok with it!”

Diving into the site, one can find out all kinds of important information!

Scrolling down, readers will be delighted to learn about some “Featured Republican Nationalists,” including Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Jim Hagedorn, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and everyone’s favorite QAnon-believing Republican primary winner Marjorie Taylor Greene. But you can jump in and learn about the “whole gang” as well, with profiles on everyone from Donald Trump to Rep. Steve Scalise.

There are also faux promises of help to burgeoning fascists who want to be a part of the Nationalist convention. Articles with titles like “Conquering Stage Fright To Spew Hate Speech” were clearly read by Donald Trump Jr., and I’m sure there will be a long line at the “Dog-Whistling Workshop with Matt Gaetz.”  

The final RNC slogan would be funnier if it didn’t seem 100% accurate:

RED states.

WHITE people.

BLUE lives.


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