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Jonathan Greasley (https://twitter.com/winstondeath) and Gregory King of https://www.kingsoundworks.com/ talk about their work on the Hulu Original Film “Books of Blood”, adapted from Clive Barker’s anthologies.


Eric Martsolf (https://twitter.com/EricMartsolf) on “Smallville”, “Days of our Lives”, and Digital Sky’s “Rideshare the Series” (https://youtu.be/N811bjyHlyA


0:00 SEGMENT 1: Gregory King on working on “Friday the 13th the Series”,  how Jonathan Greasley and Gregory King met, and creating the sound for “Books of Blood” 


17:08 SEGMENT 2: Gregory King and Jonathan Greasley on how the sound and music departments collaborated on “Books of Blood” and what their favorite projects have been so far 


25:36 SEGMENT 3: Eric Martsolf on working on soap operas and playing Booster Gold on “Smallville”


34:44 SEGMENT 4: Eric Martsolf on “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, taking over an already existing role, learning from other actors, and the crossover between “Passions” and “Days of Our Lives”


43:53 SEGMENT 5: Eric Martsolf on working on so many projects at once and a quick round of celebrity this-or-that with James


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