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Nigel Twumasi of Mayamada (https://twitter.com/mayamada) on their new manga “Serious: Through the Fog” (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mayamada/serious-an-empowering-survival-adventure-for-all-ages)


Aaron Dalla Villa (https://twitter.com/aarondallavilla) on acting and his movie “Pledge” which is on HULU right now (https://www.ifcfilms.com/films/pledge)


Jim Ousley (https://twitter.com/JimOusley) on the latest issues of the graphic novel 

“Butcher Queen” (https://twitter.com/butcherqcomic)


0:00 SEGMENT 1: Nigel Twumasi of Mayamada on their latest manga called “Serious: Through the Fog” and whether dealing with the pandemic is unavoidable when creating new projects


16:34 SEGMENT 2: Aaron Dalla Villa on getting the role of Max in the movie “Pledge” from IFC Midnight and staying hungry no matter how much success he achieves in show business


25:30 SEGMENT 3: Aaron Dalla Villa on going through extreme physical changes for a role, directors he’d like to work with, staying busy during COVID, and how he became so talented in so many different fields


34:54 SEGMENT 4: Aaron Dalla Villa on being able to portray dark characters and learning major acting lessons from James Faulkner while on the set of “All Those Small Things”


44:05 SEGMENT 5: Jim Ousley on the new collection of Butcher Queen comics called “Butcher Queen Volume 1: Black Star City”, the sequel “Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead”, and the upcoming release party at Apotheosis Comics (https://twitter.com/ASTLComics)


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